Designed by parents, for parents.

You'll enjoy your visit!

The place was designed for families. We have tried to think of everything to make your visit easier.

Our playground area

More than 16 stations are put forward in our little world. Here are a few of them!


Take control of our real plane! Ready for takeoff? Choose your destination and take off.

Grocery store

A museum classic for children. Small baskets, well-filled shelves and cash registers that beep!

Police car

Get on board our real patrol car! By activating the lights and siren, there is action for your eyes and ears.


A short pizza break on the terrace of our Duhamel Rotisserie. Come and enjoy your children's special confections.


Emergency! Activate the flashing lights and transport an injured person to the nearest hospital. Boarding the ambulance leaves no one indifferent, even the biggest!

Construction site

Here, it works as a team. From the crane to the tractor, including the mechanical shovel, together we build something!

Hair salon

From curlers to sink chairs, come and relax while your children play in your hair!

Daycare center

Our station for little brothers or little sisters! A quiet and safe place in which children under 2 can have fun.

And even more! After all, we have to keep a few surprises...

Our complementary installations

Frequently asked questions

How long does a visit last?

Visits are generally of a duration of 2 to 3 hours, but it will depend a lot on your children... and on you! It is a very stimulating activity and children get tired after a few hours. The activity can become less fun if you stretch the visit too long.activité très stimulante et sans arrêts durant des heures, les enfants peuvent facilement se fatiguer en 2 à 3 heures. La durée de votre visite dépendra grandement de vos enfants… et de vous! L’activité peut devenir moins amusante si on étire trop la visite.

I bought tickets from 9 am to 12:30pm... do I have to arrive at 9 am?

No. In fact, we suggest arriving a little later to avoid the traffic jam that can occur when the doors open! The visits generally last between 2 to 3 hours and you do not have to leave for 12:30.

I bought tickets from 9 am to 12:30pm... do I have to leave at 12:30pm?

No The times shown on the tickets are Arrival time range. You do not have to leave at 12:30.

Is it mandatory to book tickets online?

During the weekend and holidays it is recommended, since it is our way of limiting the number of people in the museum at the same time (it is therefore in your advantage to book!). You can always buy your tickets on site if you prefer.

The Museum is for children of what age?

Our experiences were designed to appeal to children from 18 months to 10 years old, but children aged 12 (or even older depending on the child) can still find something for themselves. After all, boarding a real plane, a real patrol car or a real ambulance leaves no one indifferent!

Is it mandatory to have indoor shoes?

To enter the Museum, your shoes must be clean and dry. It is possible to walk around the Museum in socks if you do not have clean shoes.

Are the tickets refundable?

No. If you cannot show up on the date on your ticket, because your child is ill or because of a bad weather, your tickets can be transferred on another date. Simply email us at to let us know the new visit date and your tickets will be transferred.

My child is sick, can I still show up on site?

Please don't. Stay home and email us at to transfer your tickets to another date.

Is it possible to eat on site?

Definitely, we have a dining area dedicated to this purpose! You will find lockers to put your lunch, a microwave, a water machine, high chairs and about 40 seats.

Is there food for sale on site?

We have a small selection of Snacks (soft bars, bear paws, candies, Yop, chocolate milk, etc.), but let's not serve any meals.

Is the Museum accessible to people with reduced mobility?

Yes, the place is fully accessible!

Is the Museum accessible with a stroller?

Yes, the area is fully accessible with a stroller and we have a dedicated area to park unused strollers if needed.

Do you accept the Leisure Accompaniment Card?

Yes, with pleasure! IMPORTANT: This is not the Granby Leisure Access Card.

Do you sell annual memberships?

No. We made this decision in order to limit traffic and to ensure that the experience remains pleasant for all visitors.

Is your museum free on the first Sunday of the month?

Unfortunately No. We do not receive grants that allow us to open our doors for free to the public.

Are there discounts for seniors or people in Granby?

No. Our prices have been set to be as affordable as possible for everyone!

On-site experience is our priority

During the weekend and holidays, reserve your tickets!

During weekend or holidays, we limit our reception capacity in order to maximize the customer experience. Buy your tickets online to make sure you get a seat!

There is no need to book for a weekday visit.

: If you already purchased your tickets during our pre-opening sale, you do not have to book and can show up at any time.